For teens: Your first makeup bag

You want to start wearing makeup, but you don't know which products to choose and want to avoid mistakes at all costs ... That is understandable. In this article you will find valuable tips to get familiar with the art of makeup with ease.

The contents of your first makeup bag

Your first makeup bag should contain:

• a tinted moisturizer;
• a liquid concealer;
• a pink blush;
• a blush brush;
• a bronzer;
• a pencil for eyebrows with small built in comb;
• a pencil eyeshadow;
• a white eyeshadow;
• a pale gloss;
• a brownish black lengthening mascara.

With these products, you can realize a one minute makeup suitable for your age and your style.

Make-up, step by step

1) The base

Before you begin, apply a tinted moisturizer all over your face. You can opt for unscented and non-comedogenic BB cream. BB cream is used to correct, standardize and sublimate the complexion.

2) The imperfections

Take a liquid concealer in the same tone as your skin. Then, make light points on your lower eyelids. Pat the product with your fingertip. Be gentle, because the skin under the eyes is fragile.

Things to know: You can use the concealer to hide your pimples.

3) The cheekbones

With a brush, take a bit of powder blush, then put the color on your cheekbones. Do not put too much. Otherwise, you will look like a clown. You can also apply the bronzer on the curved parts of your face, such as forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones.

4) Eyes

Redraw your eyebrows with the pencil,then blind the color using the brush. Take the eyeshadow pencil and color your eye lid then blind it. To brighten your eyes, put a touch of white shadow in the inner corners of your eyes. Add some mascara on your eyelashes, and that's it.

 5) Lips

Finish your makeup by applying a little gloss on your lips. There! Your Makeup course 101 is complete.

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