Caftan : The Moroccan fashion pride

Yesterday, I went with mom to make Moroccan traditional clothes. Yeah, in Morocco we love making them in stead of buy them, even though it's more expensive this way but we get the material and the design that we want and love! 
Anyways, while shopping for the materials and giving it to the dressmaker, I thought of writing a post about our national dress. So here we go!

The Moroccan Caftan is a long gown worn by Moroccan women on special occasions such as weddings and festivals. The Moroccan caftan gained popularity after being includes by the major design firms in their own fashion shows.

What is the difference between the Moroccan Caftan and the Moroccan Takchita?

The non-Moroccan stylists are often confusing the caftan with the takchita, and therefore they do not see a difference between takchita and kaftans, they call them both Moroccan caftan. The truth is that Moroccan women and Moroccan designers differentiate between these two:

The Takchita

The takchita normally consist of two pieces: the under piece and upper piece. The under piece is a caftan that's not complicated in it's design, while the upper piece has a more complicated and beautiful design. It's often open and transparent.
The Takchita is usually worn with a Mdamma (belt). The Mdamma is either made of silk or made of gold or silver and decorated with precious stones (diamonds, rubies and emeralds)

The Caftan

This dress is a one-piece and it can be worn with a Mdamma (belt) or loose.


The Moroccan caftan is a cultural heritage resulting from multiple civilizations that came to power in Morocco during the past centuries. And so many cultures participated in it's development, such as Berber culture, Arab and Andalusian culture.
Women in Morocco used to wear the caftan in their daily lives, in countrysides and in the cities, Jews and Muslims. Now, the caftan and takchita are symbols of the Moroccan elegance and beauty. They are worn now only in special occasions.

The growing popularity of  the Moroccan caftan

The are many factors that helped the Moroccan caftan gaining that much popularity, I just tell you some of them:

1. Moroccan immigrants and their descendants: 
It is estimated that 4.5 million Moroccans are living abroad. These immigrants brought with them the Moroccan caftan in their travels and presented it to the world wherever they go.

2. Fashion designers:
The first designers who imported the Moroccan caftan and takchita in their catalogs are: Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo, JP Gaultier and Christian Lacroix .

3. Moroccan royal family:
It is known that the royal family is very proud of Moroccan caftan and takchita. All the princesses wear them so beautifully especially in official international events. Most of the Moroccan people find that Princess Lalla Salma is the greatest shining star in the royal family who represented the culture of Moroccan caftan worldwide.

  • The Moroccan princesses in caftans and takchitas

Princess lalla Asmaa , the niece of the king Mohammed VI, and her mother princess lalla Mariam have stormed their way into the top three of the UK celebrity news magazine Hello as the most elegant guests in the Albert and Charlene of Monaco’s wedding. The first place was for princess lalla Asmaa while princess lalla mariam, the king's sister got the 3rd place.

Also, the UK celebrity news magazine Hello has chosen Princess Lalla Salma, wife of the king Mohamed VI, as the most elegant and attractive guest of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in London.

Princess lalla Salma and her dauther princess lalla Khadija at the royal wedding of prince Molay Rachid, the brother of the king.

Princess lalla Khadija the second dauther of the king Mohamed VI of Morocco and princess lalla Salma, when she was younger.

The golden age of the caftan and takchita

Now, after that the caftan became known and famous around the world, and many designers had included it in there collections, so many stars and celebrities are appearing in international events wearing caftans and takchitas.

Jessica Simpson

Susan Sarandon


Elizabeth Taylor

Melita Toscan

Ashley Olsen

This is the takchita I'm making, I took the design from a fashion magazine.

What do you think? I can't wait till it's done!!

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