Visual Novel: Ascension

Hello, It has been a while since my last post.
Today I'm gonna tell you about one of my new addictions: Visual novels! Thanks to where I found my first visual novel ever: Ascension. After playing this game, I started hunting for visual novels like crazy!! Well I like Ascension, so guess what I'm reviewing it.

Ascension is a free online Visual Novel made by Rinmaru Games. The story takes place in a world called Arunia that is populated with 7 different races. The Main protagonist, Aida, and her best friend of six years, Sky, are investigating what Sky's mother's journals hold when they encounter some new friends and a 23 year old secret. The fourth chapter is rumored to be out in Spring 2016, and will have a new group of protagonists. But you can find it's Alpha v0.1 here to download. Now it also has a manga series based on the events of the series on ImpQueen.

You can play for free online here:

Mind for Spoilers, cause I'm not.


The first thing that stands out in my mind with Ascension is the characters, given how visual novels are stylized having strong characters with a good plot is an absolute given. Rinmaru managed to do both (plot later). With maybe forty minutes worth of gameplay she managed to create a strong cast that's open to expansion and has a good chemistry, a cast that I am more than willing to learn more about. Aida is a very unique protagonist who is putting a nice spin on the chosen one and even with the variations according to game play she still turns out as a strong character (cunning for the world). Sky is a good dueteragonist and seeing her in chapter two is probably one of my favorite scenes in the entire series. Although they can seem a little long winded at times and all of them have room for improvement, given how the series is really only starting that's fine. 

The romances: 

From the first chapter I was firmly drawn to Zander. He's really sweet. Jace is so much fun but I went with Zander in the end though. For such little time given to the romance, the chemistry still felt natural and I have to give Rin props for that. The second chapter was probably my favorite, really emotional and the small hiccups they had gave texture and realism to the relationship. Unfortunately Faelern did seem kind of third wheeled due to being introduced so late, and frankly his character didn't excite me like Jace or Zander. I still liked him though. 

The World: 

I remember in the first chapter when I first walked in the library, beat up that guy, talk to librarian... do you want to know about the world... yeah, sure... Woah. I was astonished by the raw amount of information that that cute little girl spewed out, like she was world building central. I like it. Arunia is turning out to be a textured world and a character can talk about something and I'd be like, “Oh, yeah that”. The religions are really interesting and unique. Can we talk about the races for a second? We got elves, moon and sun elves with an interesting history. We got humans. We got nobles. And the Lith who I find absolutely fascinating with their spirit thing that's going on. What other critters you got tucked away? 


This is actually one of my first visual novels so I'm still fairly new to the genre. There isn't much to gameplay, of course that's the genre. Finding things in the environment and some such with a few mini-games thrown in. I like being able to select my response, picking my romances and how I go about that romance, passionate or tender? I feel like I don't give much variation on the story though, just what Aida says. What I feel like would be awesome though is adding in fights, a turn-based strategy is usually quite simple and could really make the game more fun. Now that's just my opinion and I wouldn't be upset if the series stays as it is. The customization for Aida is really quite simple, a few outfits just for flare really (although I did like picking the team's hairstyles in Chapter 2. In both chapters I felt like I was being set up for something (gathering gold, clothes) only for it to disappoint, being able to buy more stuff would be nice and more side quests would help with that. 

Overall I very much like Ascension, is it the best thing I've ever played? No. Not by a long shot. But it's a nice call back to RPG's and a good introduction into the visual novel genre. The dialogue is awkward at times but it does have moments where it shines. It does need help in fight scenes, showing a blank screen with fighting noises and some dialogue just doesn't quite cut it for me. I liked when Jace and Aida fought in Chapter one, something similar to that could really help the scenes out.
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New scam! Be aware!

Hello, I didn't post for a very long time, I was very busy. But Today I need to tell you something important :

There is some new scam going around online. Let me tell you how I knew about it.

A while ago, I registered in a website called , I wanted to find a new penpal girl, I found a really nice south korean friend, and we started to write to each other, any way I forgot about the website.
The day before yesterday, I got an email from an American guy who wants to be my friend, in the beginning I didn't want to answer, then I thought why not. But his second email came like this :

Hello My Dear,
I would hope race, color or language difference would not pose a problem to our new blossoming relationship. I am glad to meet you and i hope this relationship leads to fruition.I think it is good I tell you more about myself first.
 I am the First child of  My parent have three children, a female and 2 males.My parents are both retired from the US civil service now.My father was a medical practitioner in the US
health civil service while my mother was a civil servant. Like as I have earlier informed you, I am single without any kid.My hobbies though are reading,watching movies, listening to soft musics, long driving, swimming and traveling.I work as an administrative staff in a humanitarian organization sponsored by mainly the USA and UK and supervised by the united nations.The program recruitment process is currently on and through the period of this my communication with you,i will not be frequent because I will be very busy till after the employment recruitment program. I have also thought it out that this program can improve our chances to actualize our dreaming of meeting each other one day. Be informed that I stand at the best position to help you through with this program if you choose to come over to US with your
 family members or friends. I hope my words does n,t offend you but rather
 expresses my view in love to you and desire for us to meet,l feel that I can get you informed with good thing that will benefit you ,it,s an opportunity for you,your family members and friends to come and even work on the soil of America, UK, Canada and Germany. 
 I personally would like you to apply for the US program so that we
 can use this occasion to see each other and bring your family up here.
 If you considered this as an opportunity to actualize our dream, then
 do not hesitate to contact the secretary to the program overseer /
 consultant for detail information on our forth coming WIPEP(World Immigration and Productivity Enhancement Program)  scheduled to hold from next month 2015. I know quite well that if your love or relationship does not just end on the net, The Flight Ticket will be taking care by the United States Bureau Of Immigrant Affairs, in Addition successful Applicants will also be given six months Accommodation be for He/She can rent Apartments of their own. 
 you will surely take up this opportunity. In that case you should
 address your application to the secretary Mr Aaron Mcnab through this
 e-mail address E-mail contact address or you can as well reach the secretary by fax through this numbers
  +1-360-369-4165.But do not forget to include your fax number and
 e-mail address in your fax messages to enhance quite reply from the
 secretary. If you are interested on this program then do not delay to
 contact the secretary because your application is already late but
 with my influence they will attend to your application. I hope you will
 not waste time with applying for this program as i am willing to speed
  up your registration through my good office. May be through this
 Program and by the special grace of God we might start affecting each
 others life positively. Do keep me informed on the latest development
 from the secretary and the program overseer so that l will know what
 to do in your favor . You should inform the secretary that Mr Mark Williams recommends you. If you Apply,and the secretary gets to you,don,t fail to inform me.

Yours Affectionately
 NB: You can send a mail to the registrar asking for detailed
 information on the WIPEP program or use this sample i have made
 Dear Sir
 I have discussed your WIPEP program with your administrative staff
Mr Mark Williams 
and have decided to apply for it.Do furnish me with   
 detailed information on the program.Anticipating your swift response
 while i remain
 yours faithfully
Mortuary Attendance
All Medical fields
Truck Drivers
Teachers/Lecturers Of All Subjects
Hotel Workers
Engineers/All Fields
Security/Both Male and Female.
Factory Workers
Others That Are Not mentioned.

I thought: What the hell? Why he is telling me this? I don't wanna leave my country! But then I thought of looking for more info about this organization.
So with a little googling, I found their website. It looked normal. Then I entered an online forum, and I found that so many people got this excat email! Some times the sender is a man, sometimes is a woman, but the email is exactly the same!
Some people even tried to apply, first they say everything is for free bla bla bla, but after a short time they start to ask for fees.
So after this, a sent the guy an email saying that, I dont wanna go anywhere, and that I thought he wanted to be my friend but actually he just wanted to cheat me! And i asked him to not send me any message. He was so shameless to answer me and tell me that no I have to try and apply blabla, I didnt finish reading it.
Any ways, I just want you to know about this scam so you will not fall for it.


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My secret beauty ingredient that I can't live without, and neither should you

It has been a while since my last post. Today I want to talk about my personal favorite beauty ingredient that I can't live without, and I want to share with you all the benefit that you can get if you use it.
Only one magical ingredient, and the best thing's it's natural. It's coconut oil. Yes, this oil has so much benefits and it's my favorite product that I use in my daily beauty routine. Today I want to share it with you but first, let me show you how it looks like.

Yes, this is the organic coconut oil and it's has a solid form, but as soon as you put it in your palm and rub it a little bit, it becomes liquid. You will see in shops some other coconut oils that are liquid, but I think they are not the real stuff, maybe mixed with some other oils I'm not sure, but the pure organic coconut oil is white and solid and without any smell, it's taste is also neutral.

Now let me tell you about the wonderful benefits of coconut oil:

1. It works as a moisturizer for your skin and makes it very soft.

2. You can use coconut oil as makeup remover for eyes. I actually use it for all my face not only the eyes, I rub a small amount into my palm and then apply to my skin. It's really nice. 

3. It fades spots if used daily.

4. Coconut oil prevents the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.(As told by mom)

5. It prevents sun burns.

6. It can be used as massage oil.It's just wonderful!

7. Do you suffer from chapped lips? Just put coconut oil on them constantly.

8. It helps your skin regain its natural condition faster after having an injury or infection.

9. It's a wonderful balm for hair! How is it used? Rub a small amount of coconut oil on your dry hair , cover it with a shower cap and leave for several hours and then rinse it.

10. It reduces the itchy feeling after a mosquito bite.

11. It helps hair growth if you use it to massage the scalp every day.

12. It works as a natural teeth whitener and improves oral health if used for oil pulling.

13. It helps nails grow faster when it's applied on the nails roots.

Do you need more reasons to start using coconut oil in your daily beauty routine from now?

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Caftan : The Moroccan fashion pride

Yesterday, I went with mom to make Moroccan traditional clothes. Yeah, in Morocco we love making them in stead of buy them, even though it's more expensive this way but we get the material and the design that we want and love! 
Anyways, while shopping for the materials and giving it to the dressmaker, I thought of writing a post about our national dress. So here we go!

The Moroccan Caftan is a long gown worn by Moroccan women on special occasions such as weddings and festivals. The Moroccan caftan gained popularity after being includes by the major design firms in their own fashion shows.

What is the difference between the Moroccan Caftan and the Moroccan Takchita?

The non-Moroccan stylists are often confusing the caftan with the takchita, and therefore they do not see a difference between takchita and kaftans, they call them both Moroccan caftan. The truth is that Moroccan women and Moroccan designers differentiate between these two:

The Takchita

The takchita normally consist of two pieces: the under piece and upper piece. The under piece is a caftan that's not complicated in it's design, while the upper piece has a more complicated and beautiful design. It's often open and transparent.
The Takchita is usually worn with a Mdamma (belt). The Mdamma is either made of silk or made of gold or silver and decorated with precious stones (diamonds, rubies and emeralds)

The Caftan

This dress is a one-piece and it can be worn with a Mdamma (belt) or loose.


The Moroccan caftan is a cultural heritage resulting from multiple civilizations that came to power in Morocco during the past centuries. And so many cultures participated in it's development, such as Berber culture, Arab and Andalusian culture.
Women in Morocco used to wear the caftan in their daily lives, in countrysides and in the cities, Jews and Muslims. Now, the caftan and takchita are symbols of the Moroccan elegance and beauty. They are worn now only in special occasions.

The growing popularity of  the Moroccan caftan

The are many factors that helped the Moroccan caftan gaining that much popularity, I just tell you some of them:

1. Moroccan immigrants and their descendants: 
It is estimated that 4.5 million Moroccans are living abroad. These immigrants brought with them the Moroccan caftan in their travels and presented it to the world wherever they go.

2. Fashion designers:
The first designers who imported the Moroccan caftan and takchita in their catalogs are: Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo, JP Gaultier and Christian Lacroix .

3. Moroccan royal family:
It is known that the royal family is very proud of Moroccan caftan and takchita. All the princesses wear them so beautifully especially in official international events. Most of the Moroccan people find that Princess Lalla Salma is the greatest shining star in the royal family who represented the culture of Moroccan caftan worldwide.

  • The Moroccan princesses in caftans and takchitas

Princess lalla Asmaa , the niece of the king Mohammed VI, and her mother princess lalla Mariam have stormed their way into the top three of the UK celebrity news magazine Hello as the most elegant guests in the Albert and Charlene of Monaco’s wedding. The first place was for princess lalla Asmaa while princess lalla mariam, the king's sister got the 3rd place.

Also, the UK celebrity news magazine Hello has chosen Princess Lalla Salma, wife of the king Mohamed VI, as the most elegant and attractive guest of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in London.

Princess lalla Salma and her dauther princess lalla Khadija at the royal wedding of prince Molay Rachid, the brother of the king.

Princess lalla Khadija the second dauther of the king Mohamed VI of Morocco and princess lalla Salma, when she was younger.

The golden age of the caftan and takchita

Now, after that the caftan became known and famous around the world, and many designers had included it in there collections, so many stars and celebrities are appearing in international events wearing caftans and takchitas.

Jessica Simpson

Susan Sarandon


Elizabeth Taylor

Melita Toscan

Ashley Olsen

This is the takchita I'm making, I took the design from a fashion magazine.

What do you think? I can't wait till it's done!!

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For teens: Your first makeup bag

You want to start wearing makeup, but you don't know which products to choose and want to avoid mistakes at all costs ... That is understandable. In this article you will find valuable tips to get familiar with the art of makeup with ease.

The contents of your first makeup bag

Your first makeup bag should contain:

• a tinted moisturizer;
• a liquid concealer;
• a pink blush;
• a blush brush;
• a bronzer;
• a pencil for eyebrows with small built in comb;
• a pencil eyeshadow;
• a white eyeshadow;
• a pale gloss;
• a brownish black lengthening mascara.

With these products, you can realize a one minute makeup suitable for your age and your style.

Make-up, step by step

1) The base

Before you begin, apply a tinted moisturizer all over your face. You can opt for unscented and non-comedogenic BB cream. BB cream is used to correct, standardize and sublimate the complexion.

2) The imperfections

Take a liquid concealer in the same tone as your skin. Then, make light points on your lower eyelids. Pat the product with your fingertip. Be gentle, because the skin under the eyes is fragile.

Things to know: You can use the concealer to hide your pimples.

3) The cheekbones

With a brush, take a bit of powder blush, then put the color on your cheekbones. Do not put too much. Otherwise, you will look like a clown. You can also apply the bronzer on the curved parts of your face, such as forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones.

4) Eyes

Redraw your eyebrows with the pencil,then blind the color using the brush. Take the eyeshadow pencil and color your eye lid then blind it. To brighten your eyes, put a touch of white shadow in the inner corners of your eyes. Add some mascara on your eyelashes, and that's it.

 5) Lips

Finish your makeup by applying a little gloss on your lips. There! Your Makeup course 101 is complete.
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